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“When you are regarded as an expert, you hold a position of trust and credibility, which attracts more profitable clients, strengthens your network and increases sales.”

Platinum Event Agency is a leading boutique producer of live events in Adelaide: we plan, produce, and promote 100s of events across Adelaide each year, delivering electrifying entertainment and services to our audiences and vital commercial opportunities to our customers and partners.

All the detail within the budget

Platinum works with you to increase patronage, co-ordinate staff, manage crowd funded projects and provides you with a clear, step-by-step plan. Our highly motivated and enthusiastic team take the worry out of any special occasion or event. Our team can execute your fundraising initiative and drive your marketing programs, we work with like-minded organisations to increase your profile within Australia. When we oversee your event we know that your reputation is on show. Platinum Event Agency provides exceptional customer service, builds strong relations and drives the opportunity with passion – We proudly represent you!

Event solutions for Non for Profit

We know that Non for Profit organisations have unique needs and require help to increase success of fundraising efforts. Our Platinum Specialists work closely with your organisation to:

  • Deliver targeted, personalised campaigns to foster relationships with sponsors, volunteers and staff members
  • Leverage of South Australian events and build value with sponsorship partners
  • Easily manage registration, delegates and programming
  • Generate events which allow flexibility for your staff to focus on your organisation’s greater mission

Event Management for Associations

Meetings and events act as the lifeline for most associations. Build a better path of communication with your members, cut costs, increase profits and boost attendance:


Event solutions for small to midsized business companies who need more control over brand and service representation

  • Stress free and enriching experience from registration to post survey is essential to your success
  • Conferences, seminars and various events
  • Increased profits and conversion
  • Behind the scenes help to ensure your event runs smoothly throughout the complete life cycle:
    • Database Management
    • Email and social media marketing
    • On line registration
    • Travel management
    • Payment processing
    • Return on investment reporting
  • Other integrated services:
    • Site selection
    • Staff training
    • Catering
    • Stage and Production
    • Photography etc
Spend more time focussing on attendees, and less time bogged down with mundane tasks. Find out more – Request a Quote.





Whether you are delivering workshops, seminars or continuing education conferences Platinum will assist to:


Every step of the planning process to your event brief or community needs. Every step of the planning and execution process – Plan, budget, source and manage your events with ease. Our team will report on the back-end with tools to help measure accurate and effectively.

  • Schedule events from small daily meetings to multi-day conferences
  • Streamline communication
  • Understand event economic and cultural impact
  • Increase responsibilities and decrease meeting and event time
  • Data management and security
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Platinum Event Agency - Event Consulting, Management and Training Specialists

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