High quality PR services every step of the way

To make your event stand out from the crowd or your business grow, you need a lot of on line and off line marketing and sales collateral to distribute to attendees, prospects and customers. We help conceptualise, write content, and design convincing marketing collateral in-tune with your brand image. Platinum has helped clients create powerful documents:

  • Corporate brochures, product/service brochures, newsletters and leaflets
  • Company documents, reports and proposals
  • Training materials
  • Media/PR Plans
  • Marketing Campaigns/Plans 

Content at events is more special than traditional content:

  • 1. It’s exclusive – As it is created it is live, in turn hard to duplicate
  • 2. It’s media rich – It comes in text, audio, picture or video
  • 3. It is co created – Incredible instant sharing opportunities

Hit the mark with a clever pitch and get noticed:

  • Event branding
  • Print materials
  • Outdoor campaigns
  • You Tube video production
  • Social media
  • Mobile apps
  • Digital learning platforms

Going mobile with your next event is easier than you think; Deliver like a pro!

Want to deliver your next event like a pro? We have everything you need to say goodbye to that paper event guide. Affordable DIY event guide apps for many occasions: Retreats, Street Fairs, Trade Expo, Conference, Training and Seminars. The perfect stress free program management tool for the busy event planner. Features: Sponsors & Exhibitor Promotion, Engagement Dashboard, Maps and Floor Plans, Resource Documents, Secure Mode and much more.

Deliver a Digital Show Guide at your next event, you talk and we plan

Work with a Platinum Specialist to personalise, enhance engagement, own your brand Go Green, Reach Everyone and Generate Revenue. Save time, go paperless and increase efficiency. Do It Yourself Solutions or Full Data Management services available –  You can do it, We can help! Price on application, call Samone for more information, M 0404 572 507 or contact us we would love to connect!

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